Issues and peculiarities of the design process.

As a symbolic sign, the logo is one of the most important parts of a company or brand identity. It combines pure and distinctive shapes and colors as well as the overall images that needs to be both original and meaningful.

What we had to work with:

The color red and in general the shape were too much sport/racing oriented, also there is no visual concept in the logo, only some work on the typo. The font were really thick and bold making it difficult to read.

How: A good cup of espresso, Pencil sketching, markers and Illustrator

What: Designing the logo

Process: The artisans started working out the idea of the world around the brand and which symbols or lettering compositions  could be used for logo style.

The meaning

behind the logo:

the trident

Interlocking letters with multiple purposes: to bring together elegance, power and uniqueness.

A shorter name (BE), to make it graphically strong and easy to remember.

The geometry, modern and clean at the same time, grasps the momentum towards the future. Underlined by the symmetry, the B and E, which rise almost like a trident, give a sense of solidity and wink to the divine.

Some sketch and steps made during the design process.

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